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Friday, May 17, 2013

Wonders of Cheap Vaseline... Great for EVERYTHING...

Amongst all my creams, scrubs, washes and make-up, I cannot function without my darling cheap Vaseline. A vaseline gets me through it all. Check out why...

The Miracle Broth

1. A Vaseline relieves/cures dry/chapped skin: Applying Vaseline to your lips softens it and what's more, you can create a glossy look when you apply it on your lipstick. you can also rub Vaseline on dry hands, elbows and Knuckles (It reduces dark knees visibly after 1 week+)

2. A Vaseline can repair/ improve the condition of damaged cuticles.: Apply to cuticles about 3-4 times daily. 

3. A Vaseline can be applied on your eye lashes only during night time: Helps you get LONGER, THICKER & FULLER LASHES. apply only @ night and don't pack it o, so your eyes wouldn't start hurting, lol

4. For dry hands / dry feet: rub vaseline on clean feet @ night time and wear a sock over night: Wake up the next morning, feel your feet and thank me later.

5. Cure hair Split ends! :
My very best. Apply to the tip of your hair during hair treatments. Need i say more?
6. Make Up Remover!

7. Mix it with Eyeshadow to make it a Cream Eye Shadow.

8. Forgot to bring Blusher? You can mix it with Vaseline!: Mix Vaseline with a little of your lip stick & rub it over your cheeks.

9.  Remove false eyelash glue from your lash line.

10. You can mix Vaseline with sea salts to create a scrub!

So, there, you have it!  enjoy the quality that cheap article gives.. Invest in a Jar of Vaseline  
Your skin depends on it!

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