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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Looking for a quick home transformation? A throw pillow could save the day!

From experience as an interior designer with Vivabella Designs Ltd, I know what throw pillows can do to lift the face of a place. These lovelies can INSTANTLY change up a boring house, turning it into a beautiful and lively space. 
To bring out the beauty in your space, do invest in @ least 2-4 throw pillows. @ Vivabella, we make the most unique pillows/pillow covers, using eclectic patterns and bold colours, ensuring that they fit into your interior of course. 
Our pillows are made with high quality soft fibre, while the pillow covers are sown with great skills and intimacy. we assure you that we make the BEST THROW PILLOWS IN NIGERIA.. yup..
throw pillow prices range from N6,500 to N9,500 (prices depend on fabrics chosen). Pillows are made based on order. so call 08033272728 or just leave a comment and get a quick response. 
until my next post, remember to live beautifully and love your skin!

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