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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Skin Candys + more now available @ Vivabella Designs Ltd...

Anyone who knows me personally, knows that i am stimulated by smells and aromas. Thats why on a recent trip, I decided to stock up on some tested and tried lovely smelling delicious body scrubs and body washes. We also have sweet smelling scented candles, home diffusers and home sprays. Its all about your skins and homes. So feed your eyes and decide on what you want to buy.

Simply leave your comments/orders on the blog or just click on to place any orders you have. Don't forget to like our Facebook page while you @ it. Delivery can be made to most parts in Nigeria***

Shhh!!: So there is going to be a huge discount attached to all the goods on the blog.  Only for those who viewed the goods on "the blog" and want to buy. So if you are making an order, to get the discount, quote this: SKIN DELICIOUS" and get the discounted price. Don't forget to make your orders quoting that!

Introducing 4 ranges from "bath and body works". These bath washes are known to calm your senses during bath time. going through stress on a daily basis is sometimes unavoidable as moms, dads, employees, employers, etc. if you want to experience calm during bath time, this is the wash for you. 

1. Aromatherapy Sensual made with Jasmine and Vanilla: has a sensual sweet vanilla/Jasmine fragrance. made with essential oils to stimulate your relax nerves.
2. Aromatherapy Energy made with orange and ginger: i don't like "ginger", however, using this bath gel not only gave me bursting energy but it made me fall totally in love with ginger. not only does it not have a strong ginger smell, it smells fresh, citrusy and summery. the essential oils used will sure wake up your senses. great to use @ the start of each day for great energy.
3. Aromatherapy Stress relief: simply made with essential oils from Spearmint and Eucalyptus. great soap for an absolute spa bath!
4. Aromatherapy Stress Relief: made with essential oils from Eucalyptus Tea. Lovely home made Spa experience!
all for an affordable price@ N10,000, now N8,500 only.

Highly concentrated lovely fragrances from "Bath and Body Works" to keep your homes fresh. There's really nothing as off putting as coming home to stale air. So we present these little cans of sweet smelling sprays. just a little spray into the air can keep the air fresh for a looong time. Available @ N5,500, now N4,500 only. (comes in various scents too)

The Hamman Argan Body Lotion: This Egyptian Milk will keep your skin glowing and feeling soft all day long. Available @ N9,500   now N9,000

Our intricately made Ankara throw pillow will add the pop to your home and will also be the centre of attention. you can own yours @ N7,500 per pillow or get a pair(2) for N13,000.

Hand made Italian bar soaps also available @ N5,000 per bar. Each bar can last as long as a month! and are made with the most natural ingredients such as Fresh milk & Shea butter; Rosewater & Jasmine; Goat milk & White Clay and the last bar is made with organic Almond & Cocoa butter.

Check out Part 2 of "Skin Candys" on the next post. More SKINCARE/HOME stuff coming your way @ really affordable prices... xoxo

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