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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Things i am in love with and why you should too...

Scented candles have taken over air fresheners for me. Not that air fresheners are not great, but scented candles last longer and locks the aroma with the air in your space. Not only do they make your space smell so delicious, as they come in different fragrances, they also add colour and style into your interior. 
From chocolatey aromas to cookies and strawberry, scented candle give you wider varieties to choose from.
Vivabella Designs stocks up on a the latest scents of YANKEE CANDLES (uploads of stock available/prices coming soon)...

Area rugs add a unique look and feel to a space. area rugs are a bit different from the usual rugs, such as centre rugs, because they are used to decorate a small part of your living room. An area rug can be used in small areas like the side of your bed, in front of your favourite couch, as seen in the pic above.  When shopping for area rugs, look for unique patterns, and lovely colours that fit into your interior. 
Customize! customise!! customise!!! @ Vivabella Designs, we believe in customising your interior accessories to create a unique design/decor. instead of going into a store and picking up a throw pillow that 100 others have picked up, make yours using lovely fabrics. Vivabella stocks up on a large range of eclectic and high quality fabrics for your curtains, throw pillows, upholstery and beddings. 
ALL FABRICS SEEN IN THE ABOVE PIC ARE AVAILABLE. To order, pls call 08033272728 or send us a message on our Facebook page on don't forget to like our page too..
With sweet smelling scented candles, a beautiful area rug and lovely throw pillows and bedsheets, why wouldn't "he" or "she" RUN HOME TO YOU? *wink*

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