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Sunday, May 5, 2013

For the ladies and some men... DOES YOUR MAKEUP EXPIRE?

If you are holding on to your glittery eyeshadow, you may want to toss it in the bin now! Research has shown that the preservatives used in make-up may break down over time, allowing bacteria to grow. This could also lead to acne, eye irritation, rashes or discolouration.
Experts have advised on the following "use-by" rules:

Foundation- 1 year
Lipsticks- 1 year
Mascara- 3-4 months (I know right?! I am definitely guilty of holding on to my mascara for over a year)
Blush/Powder/Eyeshadows- 2 years

So if all of a sudden, you notice some not so normal pimples and rashes, it might be time to ditch those expensive make ups.
Thank me later, lol!


  1. love this post! i knew there was an expiration date for cosmetics but had no clue what they were...very helpful!

  2. quite informative, good job Sandra