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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Skin Candys + More (Part 2)...

Here is the 2nd part of the products we have available. If you missed the first part, pls check on the previous post.

Freshly picked fruity body wash filled with fruity freshness and scent. Your bath area is sure to be filled with delicious summer fruit fragrance hours after you have left the bath room. So, consider this as a 2-in-1 bath wash and air freshener. available @ N7,500, now N5,500 only

Sweet fruity body scrubs. we all know fruits are good for your skin. All the stress of blending fruits for your scrubs have been taken away as these tubes are packed full with fruity goodness good for giving you a glow. available @ N7,800 ,  now N6000 only

Matching king size bed sheet + 4 pillowcases @ N11,500 (prices for our sheets are based on sizes, the smaller the size, the cheaper it gets) and 1 throw pillow @ N6,500 (Actual style in the picture available, limited edition only). Beddings also available in various design/patterns and your colour of choice. All beddings are made with 100% organic cotton and will never produce any "grainy" feel that you have experienced with other china*** sheets

Matching kingsize bedsheets + 4 pillowcases and 1 throw pillow @ same price as above. (more than 1 throw pillow can be ordered as well).

More goodies coming your way in part 3... xoxo

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