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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

"Weird" Wall Paint Colours You have Never Considered Using...

We are going to look @ "strange" but lovely wall colours that peeps should consider when trying to decorate their homes. Through my experience as an interior designer, I have noticed that a lot of Nigerians esp., prefer to use "normal" paint colours for their interiors like white, cream, blue, green, pink etc. 
Its rare for people to consider grey, black, teal, yellow, red and orange coloured walls. 
I once suggested "red walls" to a client and she thought i was out of my mind. she said, "i don't want my house to look like a babalawo's shrine", lmao! 
While it is nice having neutral colours like the whites and creams, I want people to be more open to using really "shocking" colours as this creates a unique look and feel to your space.

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Without further ado, lets view some eclectic wall colours.

The black wall will appeal more to masculine themes in an interior. However, try blending in with softer colours through your soft furnishing (such as throw pillows, beddings, wall frames, pieces of furniture, etc) as seen above. 

Grey walls are fresh and classy and provide a good palette to work with when designing your homes. Think mixing and matching your grey walls with creams, greens or reds. 

Orange walls always give your home a summer feel. Never out of season. Orange walls also create great back drop to experiment with colours. Whatever you choose, you are sure to have a summery home that will keep you smiling whenever you get home.

Another way of dressing up your "grey" home...

this shocking yellow creates a sunshine like effect in your home. using a lot of lightings from lamps will provide a relaxed space for you to chill in. this colour is especially for artistic/creative peeps... mix and match with cream/ brown/ teal home decor accessories to create a wow factor.

This final picture shows that brown walls can give off a vibe of sexiness, calmness and relaxation. The Asian inspired bedroom is sure to give you a spa feeling all year round... Combine brown walls with orange, cream, green, teal, red or beige home decor accessories.
We would love to hear your ideas and thoughts through your comments. Till the next post lovelies... xoxo

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