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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

More keys to glowing skin and good health. Smoothie time! Feed your skin from inside out!

It is finally time for me to share some sweet recipes of 100% fresh fruit smoothies. All recipes have been tested and tried by moi.
If you are not an absolute "fruity" like me, then you can add yoghurt or ice cream. Anything you decide to add, remember, we want your skin to glow and your health to feel the impact of fresh fruits..
That being said, get out your blenders, glasses and straws and blend your way to glowing skin...

Tip: You can dice all the fruits you love and put in different containers, store the various fruits in the FREEZER. Fresh fruits can last up to 2 months in a freezer maintaining all its nutrients. This way, you will save yourself the stress of cutting fruits all the time, also frozen fruits produce really delicious smoothies...  

Mango smoothie is a combo of nicely chopped mango (without the skin) + 4 freshly squeezed orange juice and crushed ice (u can use 6 ice cubes from your ice tray, use more ice for a more slushy effect).

Pineapple smoothie is one of my absolute best. Its a combination of fresh pineapples (not cotonu pineapple o, lol) + 1 banana + 4 freshly squeezed orange juice + crushed ice/ 5 ice cubes.

Strawberry smoothie is so delicious and can be made using 4-6 strawberries + 1 banana + fat free yoghurt + 2 freshly squeezed orange juice ( for really delicious strawberry smoothie, use a spoon of vanilla ice cream instead of yoghurt)..

kindly note: although fruit smoothies are absolutely healthy and can help you loose weight, you need to understand that too much of every thing including healthy things, is not good. so enjoy your smoothies moderately... xoxo

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