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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A face to all the posts..

Hey y'all, so here's a face to all the posts you have been reading. I want to make the blog as personal as can be so you know whom you are ordering all the skin and home goodies from. Vivabella Designs has got a face, so here it is. 
I do appreciate everyone for coming on the blog, i see that i have got over 900 views. The only weird thing is that peeps keep complaining that posting a comment is difficult! (confused smiley face)... Working on it, but pls do try and sign up if you have to in order to post comments as it will keep the interactions moving and I wouldn't have to reply every individual that sends mails to my inbox (not that am complaining, keep the mails coming, lol)
Till the next post lovelies... xoxo

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