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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Need a VISA? Tips for the Embassy...

Hey peeps. So i got a mail asking for me to write up a post based on the above topic. After much research and probably based on my own experience, i have decided to give a somewhat easy summary of what you will need to know in other to nail that VISA..

First off, bare in mind that travelling abroad is not such a HUGE deal.. with that in mind, lets go...

1. Have a GENUINE reason to want to travel: It really is important as you will soon find there's really no need for all the "over-hype" about travelling abroad! (truly). So first of all, decide if you want to be away for vacation, business, shows/exhibition, schooling, attending conferences and so on...

2. Fill the RIGHT application form PROPERLY: Google is your friend on this one, because different kinds of VISA have different application forms. You don't want to fill a business application form when you are going on a vacation.

3. Once you know what form you are filling, start to gather GENUINE DOCUMENTS: This will surely include statement of accounts, hotel reservation, etc. additionally, you can google the APPROPRIATE DOCUMENT required for your trip. You don't need to include your WAEC certificate when you are applying for holiday VISA, lol...

4. Exude Confidence: How do you exude confidence when you are not appearing in person for your VISA interview?
Let your documents speak for you. Firstly, there is nothing as irritating as seeing  "black and white" photocopies of documents. The coloured printer has been invented, use it to your advantage.  Secondly organising your docs for submission in a neat way speaks volumes to the interviewer. It shows you are organised, knowledgeable and well prepared for your trip.

How do you exude confidence when appearing in person for your VISA interview?
Firstly, if you are a lady, this is the time not to fix all your gold, red and green coloured weave ons, lol.. For the guys, toss the "soot" and if you must be corporate, look for a really nice shirt, pants and shoes. Over dressing or under dressing could be a huuuuge killer. Don't over do your make up.

Answer questions directly, look at your interviewer, be calm and smile (not too much o, just keep it polite!)..
So for instance, questions like, "When do you intend to travel?" should be answered with a simple, " I intend travelling from the 1st of may to the 14th of may" and so on...

Lastly, please, be calm. Appearing for a VISA interview can be nerve racking, I know, but keep your cool, cuz even if u don't get the VISA (which I know you will if you follow these steps), its really not the end of the world.
For more questions, contributions and ideas on this post, pls leave your comments and I will be sure to reply u asap! ciao..


  1. Very useful tips...also answer questions honestly...I think the interviewers are trained to detect when you lie...and some of them try to be intimidating but if u keep ur cool and act like it's not a big deal it works...