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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bleaching Your Skin (Part 1)

Wow, this topic is really broad and controversial. That is why I have decided to break it down into parts. This is obviously the first part dedicated to "bleaching" the skin.

I get a LOT of questions from people asking what bleaching cream and soap I am using, who mixed the cream and all sorts. Each time I tell peeps I use BodyShop body butter, I get funny looks, indicating I am not telling the truth, and that I do not want to tell who mixes my creams, lol!

So, I am going to tell some home truths on this topic.

Its still shocking how a lot of people feel "The fairer their skins, the more opportunities they have in life".

There are also those that believe "The fairer my skin, the more beautiful I am".

Based on research, most women in Nigeria are constantly looking for ways to lighten their skin and quickly too.

Because bleaching sounds like a thing of stigma, many people now refer to it as toning. But there is a huge difference ( another post for another day, I guess!)

This post is basically to inform us about the phenomenon called bleaching, Its effects on your skin and how it can deprive you from glowing.

Please bear in mind that this post does not intend to judge anyone who is engaged in bleaching as I believe that as adults, we are responsible for the choices we make. Having said that, lets learn more about bleaching.

The Phenomenon..
Skin Whitening, skin lightening and skin bleaching refers to the practice of using chemical substances in an attempt to lighten skin tone or provide even skin complexion by lessening the concentration of melanin. A lot of chemicals have been shown to be effective in skin whitening/bleaching, while some have proved to be toxic.

The Main Contents In a Lightening/Bleaching Cream: Illegal toxins like Mecury, which is a kind of metal that blocks the production of melanin (the colour producing cell in the body).
How it works: The bleaching elements found in your cream, blocks melanin from producing your natural skin colour, which leads to you becoming yellow/fair! lol.
Other contents include hydroquinone, a bleaching agent that is banned from use in cosmetics.

Its Effect..
Skin bleaching has a lot of hazardous health consequences. Apart from the fact that the dangers involved with using harsh chemicals includes blood cancers such as leukaemia, it could also cause liver/kidney cancer.
Additionally, bleaching the skin could cause severe skin conditions such as skin pigmentation, burns, discolouration (notice the pinky, bluey colours in the long run?)..
Other effects include, the thinning out of your skin, intense irritation, skin sensitivity, etc...

On the Flip Side: There may be other reasons why one decides to opt for skin lightening. This may be due to the need to lighten dark spots or remove scars. In this case, then you should visit a dermatologist.

 However, there are natural, home made skin lightening recipes that you can use like rosewater, a mixture of honey + Lemon juice (check out my previous posts), sandalwood, etc.. These products are natural and completely harmless. Remember that consistency is key, there is no quick magic with these natural products.

Research shows that in Nigeria, a test of common skin lightening products available showed that they caused mutations in bacteria (damage to DNA) and were possibly carcinogenic (an agent directly involved with causing CANCER)- Source Wikipedia. 

This is the end of Part 1. (keep visiting the blog for a concluding part) and please feel free to drop your comments and thoughts based on the topic discussed.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Home Remedies To Lighten Dark Spots And Skin Discoloration.

Dark spots and discolouration forms on the skin mostly as a result of increased production of skin pigment, which is often caused by overexposure to the sun, ageing, hormonal changes or even pregnancy!

This can be really annoying particularly if the discolouration appears on the face.

While no product will work immediately, there are several treatments available that will gradually reduce the darkness caused by pigment over time. Like I always say, consistency is key in achieving a glowing skin. There is really no over night magic!

So here are some home made spa remedies that can reduce the appearance of dark spots by lightening and moisturising the darkened skin:

Home Made Moisturizers: Massaging a moisturiser into the affected area several times a day can reduce the appearance of dark spots by boosting the circulation in the skin. moisturise your skin using the gel squeezed from an Aloe Vera plant. Leave on for 15-20 minutes, then rinse.

The "Gel" from aloe vera is sure to brighten dark spots and discolouration of the skin.

Cleansers: Vinegar, Lemon and Lime juice have natural bleaching/lightening elements and are gentle to use on facial skin.

Option 1: Dilute vinegar in the same amount of water and use on your face with cotton balls, just like you would your cleanser.

Option 2: Mix fresh lemon/lime juice + (Cucumber juice)  and cleanse your face using a cotton ball.

Home made Facial Mask: You can use these common ingredients to lighten the dark spots on your face.  Spreading Mashed Avocado not only moisturises but also helps heal skin damaged by hyper pigmentation. 

Option 2: Lime/Lemon juice + Honey (check out our previous post on honey). This is another skin-lightening mask to help brighten up dark spots.

Option 3: Raw Almonds soaked in Milk. 
How to: blend almonds and milk into a paste, then rub generously on face. leave on for 10-15 minutes and wash off, then moisturise skin as usual.

These masks are easy to make and simple to use, therefore they can be used daily for improved results.

Don't forget to try out a small portion on skin before proceeding..

Sunday, May 26, 2013

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Remember, live beautifully, love your skin and space!!!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

A face to all the posts y'all been reading.

I recently got a mail asking me if I use ALL the recipes I post on the blog and how I manage to use everything I put up. So for the benefit of y'all, i will respond openly.

Most of the recipes are recipes that I have tried and tested over the years (before i even dreamt of starting up a blog). Throughout my skin care experience, I have come to realise what recipe/product works for me and what doesn't.

The mistake a lot of people make is that they try to use what every other person is using. Having a good skin can only result from understanding your skin type and the sort of products that can enhance your skin tone, look, colour, etc.

All skin care recipes on the blog are Organic and Natural, therefore, as you try out the recipes, you will be able to understand which one suits your skin better. I hope this helps... And remember, CONSISTENCY is key to achieving a lasting result.

If you have any more questions, its easier to leave a comment as I can reply quicker than when you send a mail.

Hope your weekend is going great, mine has been hectic due to trying to make peoples homes beautiful.

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I am glad I love what I do.

Hey, here's a face to all the posts y'all been reading.

Enjoy, xoxo...

Honey Facials... (Honey Mask)

I am all for natural skin, natural nails, natural food, natural everything (well almost everything, I don't mind beautiful human hair, lol), but then its human right? so its natural! lol. 
Doing a honey facial is as natural as it gets. You will benefit a lot if you invest in "pure" natural honey. It can be used on your hair, your face, your food (dump your sugars) and your body. Everything about honey screams beauty, glow and health. Its nature's gift and its great!!
How To Make Honey Mask: Simply pour a generous amount of honey on your palm, rub together to warm it up and apply on your face as a mask. Leave on for 10-15 minutes and rinse off with warm water. Follow immediately with splashes of cold water to tighten your pores. Finally, use your moisturiser (check out a new post where I write about the right kinds of moisturisers for different skin types... coming soon, so keep checking the blog, lol).

You can also make a honey+ oat mask: Simply mix in 2 spoons of oats and 1 tbsp. of honey, add more honey or oats if needed, but it shouldn't be too runny or too thick. 
I made this mask and used it on my little model's face. She is 9, so you know its even suitable for baby skin. So its good enough for sensitive skin too, however, pls try all recipes on small parts of your body before proceeding, just to be sure you are not allergic.

This mask is sure to bring out a lovely glow. 
(honey + oats can be used to exfoliate your body too)

Remember, consistency is key. Keep loving your skin and please feel free to leave comments of your ideas, feedback and thoughts.


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Home Made Skin Care Treatment For SENSITIVE Skin...

I have been getting mails asking if all the home made skin care recipes I put up are suitable for extra SENSITIVE skin. To answer this question, I hope this post helps.

If you have sensitive skin, that can get irritated easily, then LESS IS MORE. Instead of using skin care products with a long list of ingredients that you cannot pronounce, choose products with few ingredients, which you have ample knowledge of. Or better still, try making some treatments for yourself.

These home made skin treatments are gentle enough for your sensitive skin, and also effective enough to make your skin glow:

Honey + yogurt skin soother 
Why it worksHoney is a great moisturizer, hydrating the skin without leaving behind a greasy film. It’s also naturally antiseptic, which makes it effective at healing skin and preventing infection. Yogurt contains lactic acid to exfoliate the skin and helps to balance your skin’s pH level.
How-toBlend together one quarter cup whole fat yogurt with one quarter cup of honey. Organic honey has the greatest benefits for your skin. Wash your face, then spread on the mixture and leave on for five minutes, then rinse off using warm water.  

Cucumber + aloe mask 
Why it works: Aloe and cucumber are widely known as healing and soothing ingredients, and when you put them together, they’re a winning combo! This is a great mask to use if your skin looks red and agitated, and can also calm skin during acne breakouts. It’ll cool down irritation and leave your skin glowing.

How-toCombine one large chopped aloe leaf or one cup of aloe juice with one cup chopped cucumber. Mix in the blender until smooth, lather on your face and leave on for 15-20 minutes. 

TIP: Place cucumber slices on your eyes to reduce puffiness.

Oatmeal + Yoghurt + Honey

Why it works“Oatmeal contains beta-glucans, which are very skin-soothing, according to New York dermatologist Jeannette Graf. It also helps to tighten skin, which makes it a great anti-aging treatment. The yogurt gently exfoliates, and the honey softens and soothes.
How-to: Mix one tablespoon raw, rolled oats (avoid instant oatmeal), three tablespoons plain yogurt and one tablespoon honey. Use a blender to mix the ingredients until smooth, and apply a thin layer to your face. Leave on five minutes, then rinse.

Milk bath
Why it worksTurns out Cleopatra was right – milk is one of the simplest and most readily available beauty treatments for softening and hydrating dry skin. Most stores carry pre-made milk bath treatments, but it takes no time at all to create your own.

How-toSimply add some milk and a couple drops of olive oil to a lukewarm bath (not too hot, which will irritate sensitive skin). Use Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which “contains the most skin-protecting antioxidants.” Soak for 10-15 minutes.

"Pure Milk Bath"

    Brown sugar + Milk scrub 
    Why it worksWhile both brown and white sugars make great exfoliators, brown sugar is smoother and gentler, making it better for sensitive skin. When combined with milk, it adds a healthy dose of hydration.
    How-to: Add just enough milk to the brown sugar to make a paste, and scrub away! This is a great way to get your entire body glowing. You can use the mixture on your face too, but be gentle and don’t scrub too vigorously.

    Making Spa Treatments at home is a perfect way to spend an afternoon pampering your skin without spending a lot of money. By choosing recipes with just a few ingredients, you’ll have the added benefit of knowing exactly what's in your skincare. Give your SENSITIVE skin the care it deserves by whipping up one of these homemade remedies, and you’ll be rewarded with calmer, happier, glowing skin.

    Quicky- Coffee Body Scrub...

    This is a quick post. Use the coffee body scrub to exfoliate your skin. 
    Great for when you have an impromptu party. Great for when you want a brighter skin. Use 2-3 days a week
    Blend your coffee bean or use normal coffee like "Nescafe"

    Massage Oil.

                                                       Use any type of sugar (brown or white)

    You will need:
    2 cups of coarsely ground coffee
    1/2 cup raw sugar or sea salt
    2-3 tbsp. massage oil

    Step 1: Mix all ingredients together. Take a hot shower to moisten your skin and open your pores. 
    Step 2: Using wide, circular motions, rub the coffee exfoliant onto your skin with strong, even pressure. 
    Step 3: Shower off, pat skin dry, and apply a thin layer of your favorite body lotion. 


    Choc-Scrub, Home Made Style...

    I always look for ways to use foods for the benefit of the skin. So I am constantly researching on new and exciting things that really work to bring out the glow in the skin.

    Treat yourself to a deliciously healthy scrub and allow the aroma sway you away from all the stress.
    This choc-scrub should be made of all natural ingredients.

    Additionally, I will include another recipe using dark chocolate just in case some of you can't find cocoa powder.

    Firstly, here is a picture of how mine turned out. So yours should look something like this:

    "My choc scrub"

    To make this scrub, you will need:
    1 tbsp. Sugar
     3 tbsp. unsweetened Cocoa Powder
     1 tbsp pure Vanilla Extract.
    1 tbsp. Extra Virgin Olive oil/ Coconut oil/ Almond oil
     Pure Honey.

    How To Make The Choc Scrub:
    Step 1: Mix the sugar + Cocoa powder + Vanilla extract + Honey in a container

    Step 2: Then add the oil of your choice (check the list above to choose)

    Step 3: Whisk all ingredients till it turns into a paste. Add more oil if stiff.

    Step 4: Store in a dry container, seal and keep in the fridge till you are ready to use.

    Cocoa powder.

     OPTION 2: In case you cannot find cocoa powder, use "dark chocolate (not mars or snickers o! lol) check the pictures below and follow steps:

     Melt the dark chocolate over steaming water as seen in the picture below:

     It should look like this. Then make your mixture following steps 1, 2, 3 given above. 

    1. Wet your body before using any scrub
    2. Use pure organic ingredients
    3. Try a small amount on a small area before you proceed (for sensitive skins)

    Monday, May 20, 2013

    Improving Your Skin Tone...

    Improving your skin tone is a huge responsibility because your skin is the largest organ in your body. Most of the time, people just want a quick fix. I get questions like, "how can i get my skin to glow in 1 week?" and so on. The truth is that it takes dedication, pampering and most of the time, "loads of eating". 

    What peeps do not know is that the skin tone gets improved through what you eat mostly. Yes your creams, and make-up can help out, but the natural glow comes mostly from your intake and exercise (will put up another post dedicated to exercise as a topic later).

    Therefore, your overall health, skin products, hormones, age and diet all work together to improve your skin tone.
    Bare in mind that working towards an even and lovely skin tone takes a lot of patience, time and care. So here goes:

    Step 1: Cleanse, tone and Moisturize (pls check out my previous post on cleansing, toning and moisturising)

    Step 2: Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate. This cannot be over emphasised. exfoliating helps get rid of dead skin cells revealing a newer and more glowing skin. To improve your skin tone, try exfoliating 2-3 times a week. 

    Step 3: Drink loads of water ( I am so guilty of this one). Drinking water hydrates the skin, preventing it from drying out. Lets try drinking @ least 8 glasses a day (yuk!! i know right, but lets DRINK!!! lol)

    Step 4: Exercise is so key. I know there are loads of excuses for not exercising like "work", "tiredness", "i am not strong", bla bla bla! But the truth is you will have a "banging body" + fresh skin. What more can i say?

    Step 5: Still need that quick fix? for a party perhaps? Then resort to using make-up, but be sure to wash it off @ the end of the day and refer back to step 1.


    Products you might need:


    • Exfoliating scrub
    • Moisturizer
    • Mask treatments
    • Cosmetics for aging skin
    • Sunscreen
    • Foundation
    • Blush
    • Powder
    • A gym

    A face to All The Posts Y'all Been Reading...

    So I was out and about making deliveries today. Notice the throw pillows beside/behind? lol.

    I enjoy/love what I do. Its fulfilling.

    Find time to do what you love, even if you don't make money from it. And if you do make money from it, then thats a great plus.

    Also I thought to share this line of thought that I have been having lately, Make hay whilst the sun shines ". I guess we hear it every other day, but this saying runs deep.

    Do you need to make an important work decision? Do you want to start up your own business and perhaps you feel scared? I would say, JUST DO IT! Whatever happens in life is a learning curve. Its better to try and fail (and maybe you won't) and try again than not knowing what would have been. Life is a journey and Life is a risk, so why not?

    Having said that, I hope y'all had a great day. Don't forget to share your thoughts and ideas

    Great Ways To Give Your Space A Facelift...

    These few days have been so hectic and it has been really difficult for me to write posts. Mostly because i do not want to scribble down just any thing.
    Pls. forgive me and don't leave me and DONT CHEAT, lol.

    Anyway, I have been working with some clients on new throw pillows (will post pictures of finished pillows when ready) and have also been a bit busy "planting" scented candles into the homes/stores of some my clients. The feedback has been great. There is nothing as pleasing as having sweet fragrance in your space.

    I have an assignment to make around 20 throw pillows for 2 clients. Like I always say, if you want to revamp your homes or instantly give your place a face-lift, throw pillows should be your first line of thought. Not only do they awaken your old/dull sofa, they also add an instant beauty to your space. Below are pictures of lovely throw pillows:

    This lovely cream and black pillow is sure to add class to your interior. When choosing patterns like this, make sure it blends with other soft furnishings.

    I love cool yellows because of the delicate nature and freshness it adds to spaces. Good on greys, creams, browns, blacks and whites too.

    Teal is the new blue. Teal home accessories are lovely on browns, creams and even blues. 
    African patterned fabrics such as batiks, ankara and dry laces are becoming a huge trend. mix and match patterned fabrics with plain colours.

    Eclectic patterns are lovely especially when used with plain coloured sofas.

    Try mixing and matching patterns as well. consider patterns with the same colour 

    Vivabella Designs makes unique throw pillows. Our pillows are different from the rest. Order with us today on 08033272728.

    Actual design by Vivabella.

    New project by Vivabella Designs.

    Don't forget that Vivabella Designs Ltd makes really unique throw pillows with high quality fabrics. So you can choose from our wide range of raw silk, taffeta, cotton, linen, satin, african prints, etc. Whatever you decide, be assured that we will mix and match your patterns and colours to create a lovely, lovely, look for your space. 
    Placing your order is so easy. Call 08033272728 or visit our Facebook page on or just leave your comment and we will respond ASAP.

    Friday, May 17, 2013

    Wonders of Cheap Vaseline... Great for EVERYTHING...

    Amongst all my creams, scrubs, washes and make-up, I cannot function without my darling cheap Vaseline. A vaseline gets me through it all. Check out why...

    The Miracle Broth

    1. A Vaseline relieves/cures dry/chapped skin: Applying Vaseline to your lips softens it and what's more, you can create a glossy look when you apply it on your lipstick. you can also rub Vaseline on dry hands, elbows and Knuckles (It reduces dark knees visibly after 1 week+)

    2. A Vaseline can repair/ improve the condition of damaged cuticles.: Apply to cuticles about 3-4 times daily. 

    3. A Vaseline can be applied on your eye lashes only during night time: Helps you get LONGER, THICKER & FULLER LASHES. apply only @ night and don't pack it o, so your eyes wouldn't start hurting, lol

    4. For dry hands / dry feet: rub vaseline on clean feet @ night time and wear a sock over night: Wake up the next morning, feel your feet and thank me later.

    5. Cure hair Split ends! :
    My very best. Apply to the tip of your hair during hair treatments. Need i say more?
    6. Make Up Remover!

    7. Mix it with Eyeshadow to make it a Cream Eye Shadow.

    8. Forgot to bring Blusher? You can mix it with Vaseline!: Mix Vaseline with a little of your lip stick & rub it over your cheeks.

    9.  Remove false eyelash glue from your lash line.

    10. You can mix Vaseline with sea salts to create a scrub!

    So, there, you have it!  enjoy the quality that cheap article gives.. Invest in a Jar of Vaseline  
    Your skin depends on it!

    Yankee Scented Candles now Available..

    Scented candles are now available for sale @ Vivabella Designs Ltd. 
    I love sweet fragrance in the air when I step into my home and Yankee** Scented candles continues to make your space smell so sweet long after its off. So invest in one of these big jars that can last for up to 150 hours depending on the frequency of usage. I assure you that just opening a jar of this candle will keep your room smelling great for a long time. So snatch a jar up @ N10,500 now N9,000 only. Call 08033272728 for quick response and delivery or just place your order by leaving a comment.

    For The Egg Lovers...

     I love eggs and I am always looking for healthy ways to eat my eggs. I especially love fried eggs. So I decided to share my breakfast with you guys to show how you can eat egg healthily. The trick is adding loads of veggies, that way you eat what you love but healthily too.
    In this egg dish, I added just tomatoes and onions. You can also use other veggies like red/ green/ yellow bell peppers, carrots, or cucumber. Whatever you choice is, just load up on the greens..

    I started by chopping up tomatoes and onion. I normally love to fry my eggs with butter( Elle & Vire unsalted butter), however, you can use anyone you like including fat-free butter (for healthier options) or Olive oil/ Canola oil.

    Fry the tomato and onions for less than 1 minute, adding a pinch of salt (you can use other taste enhancers like maggi, curry or whatever you like), but I used only salt to make this meal.

    Then pour your whisked eggs (I used 2 eggs) into the tomato sauce. it would probably look like the pic above.

    Finally serve up with avocado, slices of cucumber (or any veggie of your choice) and 2 slices of brown/whole meal/ wheat bread or 1 slice of white bread. Bon a petit..
    Would like some feedback on how yours went. So pls drop a comment if u can..

    Thursday, May 16, 2013

    How To Eat More, Loose Weight and Have Glowing Radiant Skin...

    While in the shower this morning (put that image outta your head quickly, lol), I was thinking of a really interesting and important topic to post for you all today. I know that we all struggle daily with how much to eat, weight issues, and skin appearance. I struggle a whole lot too, so don't think that i am one super model somewhere, lol.
    Here are quick tips on the kinds of food you should incorporate more into your diets to help you loose weight and have a shiny glowing skin.

    1. Tomatoes: Raw tomatoes/ tomato sauces and tomato juice help clear up acne. According to Alan Logan, a Doctor and Author of "The Clear Skin Diet",the "phytochemical" that makes a tomato red helps lower acne hormones. Including tomato based foods into your diet btw 3-5 times a week can not only combat stubborn spots, but also reduce your waist line.

    Fruits: If you are a regular on the blog, you will notice how much I emphasise on eat fruits. If you don't like to eat them raw, then blend them (check out my previous post on smoothie recipes), If you don't like smoothies, then please juice your fresh fruit (ditch the ones in the pack and see the difference). Fruits help your body fight off blemishes. Need i say more?

    Fish/ Seafood: Diets high in fish/seafood reduces wrinkles according to an International Journal of American College of Nutrition. The Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish and seafood slows down the ageing process. Try using Titus, Catfish, Croaker, or any other kind of fish that you love. You can try tuna sandwich for breakfast,  fish sauce and brown rice for lunch, or fish pepper soup for dinner.

    Brown Rice: Ceramides is a nutrient found in brown rice, which can help maintain the skin's moisture. Brown rice hydrates the outer layer of the skin thereby revealing a really lovely glow! Try making your brown rice with shrimps and loads of veggies as seen below...

    Yoghurt: Switch your ice creams with yummy delicious fat free yoghurt (or even full fat ones, but take in moderation). If you seriously want scrumptious looking skin, eat yoghurt because it is filled with protein, calcium, Vitamin D, and probiotics (which aids easy digestion). Yoghurt also reduces skin discolouration and can be used for a home-made spa facial too.

    Extra Tip: Use organic yoghurt for your face. 
    Step 1: wash your face
                                                   Step 2: rub yoghurt on face and leave for 10 minutes
                  Step 3: Rinse with warm water.
                       Benefits: Helps smoothen, moisturise and exfoliate your skin.

    Most of the recommendations above are realistic and do-able. If you are having difficulty changing your diet, try introducing these foods gradually and play around with how you make them..