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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Home Spa Tips...

The only way to achieve glowing skin is by showing it Tender Loving Care! There's no other trick to it. You just have to find the time to pamper your skin.

This post will help you with turning your space/home into a place where you too can experience the spa feel. Its only reality that sometimes people can't even find the time or extra cash to visit a professional spa. But this is the time, to stop and decide that you will give yourself time to love your skin. Because you deserve it! What"s the point of working so hard, if you can't find time to love yourself?

This post will also show you how to create that spa atmosphere in your home. Going to the spa can be expensive, so why not create your home spa using home made ingredients and recipes that are natural and can produce flawless, beautiful skin. 

A home spa is very soothing and revitalising for the skin, the mind and body. It is fortunately very easy to do a little DIY beauty @ home. Firstly set aside a day for "me-time". (maybe saturday evening or sunday afternoon). Spend your time treating your face through cleansing, exfoliating, masking and massaging. Give your body the same attention through scrubbing followed by a lathering of rich body lotion.

Tip1: Create a home spa atmosphere by switching off all lights and putting on scented candles. the more the candles, the better! (Pls remember to blow it out when you are done!)

Tip 2: To create your own steamer, fill a large bowl with hot water, hold your head about 15 inches above the water. Create a tent by draping a towel over your head, shoulders and the bowl. To stimulate your sense of smell, you can add few drops of essential oils such as lavender, vanilla or any fragrance you love.. Follow this step by cleansing and toning your face, making sure to use the right products for your skin type.

Tip3: Make a lovely and simple brown sugar scrub using Honey + Brown sugar. This can be used to exfoliate your body, then step into a warm shower and rinse off, followed by applying a generous amount of body lotion/ body butter.

Tip 4: You can make an organic and nutritious facial mask using blended Yoghurt + Banana + Honey. 

Apply mixture using your foundation brush, leave on for 5-10 minutes, remember to lay quietly on your bed, covering your eyes with cucumber slices, while breathing in and out! try not to focus on any other thing but yourself. (U can listen to soft music too, try calm asian inspired instrumentals). After rinsing off, use a good face moisturiser.

Tip5: Sleep Off! The advantage of a home spa over a professional one is that you can sleep off on your bed  after all's done, while you may have to get into your car and drive home after a day @ the spa! If you can, get some much needed sleep...

Things Needed For Your Home Spa:
Fresh Towels
Scented Candles
Essential Oils
 Calm Soothing Music
Quiet Atmosphere
Fruits/Ingredients of choice based on home made recipes being used.

Share your home spa experiences with us by leaving a comment. Feel free to give some more tips or ask questions...

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Hi guys. how has it been for u peeps? hectic or laid back? Mine has been a bit of both! I have been working on a client's home and its been both exciting and tiring. But u know what, keep going, just keep doing whatever you are passionate about, as I always say, consistency pays off in the long run!

So back to what this post is all about. Y'all know how much I love me some coconut oil. Ever since it was used to massage me a long while ago, I fell totally in love with the fragrance, the feel and its powerful effect on my skin. I have been researching on other ways to use this magic oil and I came across a lovely recipe. This recipe involves using coconut oil as a cleanser for the face! The surprise is its also suitable for oily skin!!

Oil cleansing is a method of cleansing using essential oils on the face. If you google oil cleansing, you will find out that this method isn't new at all. Using oil to clean off oil from the face sounds ridiculous right? However, you will be so amazed with the results as I have noticed. Did you know that oil cleansing will help remove all the toxins below your skin's surface? Amazing right?! Coconut oil is anti-microbial and contains anti toxin properties that will cleanse your pores rather than clog them.

When trying the oil cleanse system, you may experience more break outs for the first few days. But thats fine as this simply means that the oil is bringing out toxins in order to clear the inner blemishes.

Oil cleansing is also great for acne prone skin and skin with blemishes. Coconut oil is calm and soothing and also opens the pores, releases built up toxins and prevents new blemishes from breaking out. I was totally amazed myself.
Check my face out (and I have used no make up in this pic, so I am totally fresh faced and this is on day 5 of my coconut oil cleanse).

Coconut Oil Cleanse Recipe: 1/2 cup extra virgin organic coconut oil + 1 teaspoon of olive oil. 
Whisk oils together till well blended in and store in an air tight container. 
Also get a little towel specifically for your face.

Oil Cleansing Process: Apply coconut oil on your face and neck using a cotton pad, then soak face towel in warm water and hold the steam from the towel over your face to steam in the oils. Finally, rinse off!
So simple! Remember to use organic coconut and olive oil. To order your organic coconut oil, pls call 08169000005. It costs N5,000 (for those in Nigeria only)

My Verdict: The oil cleanse is something I will continue to try from time to time. It could be tried when you want to pamper your skin or when you want your skin to rest from all the cleansers, and toners. However, its not something that would replace my usual regime of Cleanse-Tone-Moisturise.

I am always glad to use myself as an experiment before I bring in recipes, lol! But it does work!!
Till the next post, Keep calm and lets glow together.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Today's Recipe: Shea Butter (Oree) And Brown Sugar...

If you have ever used sugar-based scrubs, then you already know how amazing it feels. Your skin looks younger, fresher and lovely.

So, todays post will be short and simple, plus you can easily whip up this recipe in the comfort of your homes.

So the ingredients for this simple scrub are  : Shea Butter + Brown Sugar
(You can also add a little bit of essential oils such as lavender, pure coconut oil, olive oil or even a drop of your massage oil).

The shea butter moisturises, while the brown sugar exfoliates!. 

I always choose brown sugar over white ones because they are grainier and more organic. White sugars are processed, however, this doesn't mean that white sugar is not ideal for making scrubs. I would advice to opt for white sugar as a second choice though. 

My Own Shea Butter Sugar Scrub!

Method: Slowly heat up your shea butter a bit to liquify it, then pure in your sugar into the melted shea butter, mix thoroughly and pour mixture into an air tight container. 

Shea butter lasts for a life time, so this mixture is not only cheap and easy to make but also long lasting.

The Shea Butter moisturises

The brown sugar exfoliates

Tips: The shea butter sugar scrub can also be used for your manicure and pedicure.

To order home made shea butter sugar scrub from skin candeez, call 08169000005 (Nigeria only).

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

1-Minute Home Made Recipe For Glowing Skin

Halo, I want to share my spa experience with y'all. I will give you a blow by blow account of how my spa time went.
So I got to the spa in time to choose a "Sea salt" body scrub treatment from the "menu". I was immediately whisked to a room that had a steamer and sauna. I spent like 10 minutes in the sauna and was asked to go into the steamer, (that didn't work by the way!), so back into the sauna I went for another 5 minutes. The sauna process opens up your pores and allows your skin detoxify through sweat, which is caused by the heat of the sauna.

Next, an Asian lady interrupted the sauna time announcing that it was time for the scrub, as she had another client in an hour! Anyway, I didn't want her attitude to kill my joy, so I opted for her colleague to scrub my body! lol! Scrub exfoliates the skin and removes dead skin cells, and reveals a glow.

In I went into the treatment room, and the scrub began. I was scrubbed so hard that I felt like a dirty pot! Ah ah, it was too hard jor! haba!!

Well @ the end of the treatment, I went in for a warm bath, laid down on the "treatment bed" again, this time for the moisturising stage with body butter. The moisturiser sips through the open pores and reveals a smoother, clearer skin.

At the end of my spa experience, my whole body was pinky red! However, my skin calmed down eventually and revealed a lovely glow...

Was it a great experience? Well judging from the fact that this is supposed to be a 5-star spa in a 5-star hotel in lagos (name withheld), I really don't think so. I guess my pic says the opposite, right? I did feel a bit better after the treatment and was in-fact smiling for u guys that visit the blog! lol!!

So the recipe for this scrub used @ the spa? Sea salt and Yoghurt! This lovely recipe can be achieved in the comfort of your homes. Use full fat yoghurt. Mix the salt and yoghurt until its not too pasty or runny, then take care to rub into skin softly in circular motions from feet to neck (can also be used on your face, however, check to see if its suitable for those with sensitive skin before applying on the face).

Friday, July 12, 2013

You And Your Vagina!

Women should be concerned about their vaginal health. This post will discuss this somewhat hidden topic. Most women shy away from talking about their vagina like its not also part of their body. (and maybe the pic of the vagina makes you cringe, lol). Well if you are such woman, welcome to this post. Keep reading...

I will be telling you like 5 hygiene rules for a healthy vagina, so lets go!
A healthy vagina is naturally acidic and contains beneficial bacteria to help prevent or fight of infection and maintain a normal pH level. A healthy vagina will also secrete small amounts of discharge to cleanse itself. So here's how to keep your vagina healthy:

Don't Douche! There was a period of douche craze. And i remember most of my friends had that douching bottle that has a really long tip which they inserted into their vaginas,squeezing out the liquid to wash out the vagina. Well, the truth is that douching drys out your vagina, reduces its acidity and prepares it for bacterial infection! Shocked? Keep reading...
If your vagina has an unpleasant smell, douching will only cover it up! See a gynaecologist.

Safe Sex! I know you don't need a soothsayer to tell you this! lol. 
Using condom during sex helps protect against STDs such as genital herpes, gonorrhoea, syphilis, HIV, genital warts, and chlamydia. Be careful when switching from oral or anal sex to vaginal sex, INSIST ON A CONDOM CHANGE!

Treat Infections as They Arise! There are 3 common infections: yeast infection caused by fungi; bacterial vaginosis caused by bacteria overgrowth in the vagina; and trichomoniasis, which is sexually transmitted.Treating infections immediately is crucial because not treating them can lead to unpleasant odour, painful, stressful and serious reproductive health problems!

Follow Proper Hygeine steps; such as cleaning from front to back after using the toilet. this will avoid bacterial contamination of the vagina and reduce the risk of bladder infection. Change your tampons/pads regularly during menstruation. Avoid panty liners as they keep the vagina area too warm, which can result in infection.

Choose Your Clothing Wisely. Certain fabrics worn close to the genitals can increase heat and moisture, which makes the vagina a breathing ground for infection. Avoid panties made with nylon fabric, choose those made with cotton.

Check out some Vaginal Washes That can cleanse and keep you feeling fresh all day. These products can be found in pharmacies all over the world.(Please avoid using your body soaps to wash your v-jay-jay!)

Sebamed Intimate Wash is organic and has anti-bacterial ingredients.

Summer's Eve is a popular brand for vaginal washes. Also try their vaginal wipes instead of tissue.

I love the mildness and pure fragrance of Femfresh. 

There's nothing as strange as a pretty lady with glowing skin and unhealthy vagina! lol.
Feel free to make comments, share thoughts and ideas...xoxo

Funny And Scary!

Hi, peeps. I know I have been missing in action! Well I am back now and I am sorry, so pls don't cheat on me cuz this is the best skincare blog ever! lol...

So I want to share a funny and scary story with y'all. For the faithfuls on the blog, you would remember a post I put up on quick home remedies for pimples. If you can't remember or haven't seen the post, pls click here Home Remedies For Getting Rid of Pimples Fast...

Something hilarious happened. A reader decided to adopt one of the remedies and ended up applying it wrongly. Now y'all know how much I stress on the right products and application process. My dear reader decided to try out the "toothpaste recipe". This recipe states that if you want to get rid of pimples really fast in time for a party, you can apply some white toothpaste on the pimple and leave on for 30 minutes or over night. So she applied toothpaste ALL OVER HER FACE! Hmmm! now the thing is, it actually cleared her face, however, it also got her darker!

The thing with recipes and home made skin care products is that it has to be APPLIED PROPERLY. I would also like to emphasise on the need to actually drop a comment, question or thought on the blog if you find that you are confused or do not understand a recipe/product. That way, I can explain every step or answer any question.

Moral of the story: Skincare is about tender loving care that you provide your skin with. If you want a glowing skin, there are steps, rules and procedures and you must follow them. 

Pls feel free to drop your comments, its so easy and fast as it will not ask u to register your name, or type out any funny codes. I deactivated all those features because I know how frustrating it can be and you can comment using the great "anonymous". So its so easy.

Thanks so much for even checking the blog out! xoxo

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Pure Coconut Oil & Brown Sugar...

Hi y'all, I want to share my latest recipe for achieving a great skin glow. I have used coconut oil in the past. However, I stumbled on this PURE unadulterated coconut oil during one of my research.

Its really simple, but first, let me educate you on the great benefits of using coconut oil on your skin

Coconut oil softens and smoothens the skin. It also lightens spots when directly applied on the affected area. It can be used as a lovely exfoliant (as you will soon see with my recipe). It can also be used as a tropical massage oil as the delicious fragrance calms and soothes during the massage therapy. It can be used as a conditioner for your hair, on your feet during pedicure, it can even be used for cooking (replace your vegetable oils with coconut oil), its delicious!

I could go on and on, but for the benefit of this post, simply put, Coconut oil is great for your skin as it improves skin tone and texture, it softens and smoothens and it brings out the glow in your skin.

So here is my recipe. This will be used as a scrub for exfoliation. I love exfoliating and I do so as often as 3ce to 4 times a week. Remember to rub in mixture in circular motion from feet to face (yes this scrub is great for your face too!)

Simply mix Pure Coconut Oil + Brown/ white sugar. Extra tip: for a brightening effect, add few drops of lime. Can also be dropped in your bathing water for optimum moisture.

Pure Coconut Oil is also available for sale @ N5,000 (For those in Nigeria only). All you need do is call 08169000005 to place your orders.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

For The Men Only (Men Grooming)...

Hi y'all, so I have been getting complaints from the male folks. They seem to think that I cater mainly to females. This post is dedicated to men only. The following products posted is recommended for a healthy skin care regimen for the men. Enjoy!

The Vaseline Range is highly hydrating not only for dry skin, but other skin types as it provides extra moisture required for a healthy glow. Find this product over the counter in any grocery store or pharmacy.

Dermalogica Skincare range is made by a group of dermatologists. So you are rest assured that this product was put together by people who understand all skin types to the fullest. From cleansers to moisturisers, this product comes highly recommended. 

I absolutely love The Body Shop product range for their use of organic, natural ingredients to make their skin care products. Choose any product from their range specifically targeted towards men.

Dove focuses on deep moisturising for the skin. If you do not like the creaminess of the bar soap, then opt for their shower gels.

Clinique is another great skincare line that focuses on enhancing skin's appearance. They have a wide variety of men's range.

This post wouldn't be complete without a signature scent. I totally love the sexiness of L'Instant Guerlain. Buy it and thank me later! lol...

Looking good is ideal in today's world as it can help you in your relationship, business, and even your career. Its no more luxury. As a man, find the time to pamper your skin, so that you can age gracefully too.
Will try to create a balance by writing more posts on male skin care. Hope this post helps...xoxo   

Dark And Fair Skin Can Glow Alike...

There's this misconception that dark/brown skin cannot glow as much as fair skin. This post is here to dispute that line of thinking.

Each time I have the opportunity to discuss skin care with people, i hear them say, "its easy for you (thats me) because you are fair! What a wrong statement. Healthy skin has absolutely nothing to do with skin colour. Skin glow comes from good skin care. The use of the right products can transform your skin irrespective of colour.

Thinking that fair skin is better than dark skin has become a huge problem in the society today, and this is why we see people trying to change their beautiful dark skin colour into being fair through bleaching. The truth is that you can make your brown skin glow nicely if you do the right things (to learn more, check out my previous posts on caring for your skin using natural recipes)and for proof check these beautiful brown skins out:

Remember glowing depends on your routine, products and life style, NOT your skin colour. So, be proud of your colour and lets glow together...xoxo
Feel free to drop your comments, ideas, questions and thoughts...

A Face To All The Posts...

Hi peeps! Just want to encourage y'all today to keep doing what you are passionate about. Persistence is key. If you are having indecision to start up that business, i will say, Go for it! Whats the worst that can happen?

Just believe in your self, have faith in God and be consistent.

Having said that, wanna leave you guys with a picture to show the face to all the posts y'all been reading. Till the next post...xoxo

Welcome To Your Healthiest Facial Skin Ever!

Beauty for men and women, begins with optimum health and well being. The skin naturally reflects your inner health. Like i always say, the glow of your skin depends on what you take in (eat) and what you use on it (skin care products).

Skin Candeez*** vision is to help you achieve and maintain a glowing, healthy skin through the use of the appropriate product and healthy recipes...

So this post is dedicated to introducing you, yet again, to the basics, which your skin needs to glow. Lets call it Skincare 101.

Ok! after your facial treatment, your face feels renewed, refreshed and looks great, right? The thing is you definitely want it to keep looking that way all year round! Well there are some basics for that to happen.

Step 1: Cleansing 2ce-a-day (morning and evening. I guess you have heard/read this countless times. Well for the fact that you have, it simply means it cannot be overemphasised because the very first step to achieving a lovely skin. While we sleep,we detoxify through the skin, and this is why you need to cleanse in the morning. During the night, the skin goes through a process of regeneration and renewal, therefore, cleansing your skin @ night will definitely improve its appearance in the long run.

Check out my previous posts on cleansers here Using The Right Products But Not Getting Results?-...

Step 2: A hydrating toner prepares your skin to absorb the moisturiser, (which is the 3rd step), more effectively.

Check this post out for toner ideas: Using The Right Products But Not Getting Results?-...

Step 3:  Moisturising in the morning adds a protective layer against harmful factors such as sun, the weather, pollution etc. Moisturising @ night helps heal your skin during the renewal process...

What Next? After mastering these basics, there are additional "specials" that will help make these basic steps work better. They can be done 2ce to 3ce a week. They include:

1. Exfoliation, used to remove dead skin cells resulting in a fresher and smoother skin and:

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant is a gentle exfoliant made with rice. Its feels like ground rice, soft but effective to remove dead skin cells.

2. Using a Masque: Masques are great for skin balancing, regulation of oil production, clarifying/purifying the skin, nourishing with antioxidant vitamins and loads more.
Tip: Masques should be applied immediately after exfoliation,left on for a prescribed amount of time, then rinsed or cleaned off.The toner and moisturiser is then applied after the masque.

Remember to choose skin care products that suit your skin type! Till the next post, xoxo...