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Sunday, August 10, 2014

A Face To The Posts Y'all Been Reading

Hello beautiful people. Its been a while since I shared some skin care tips. I have been away on mommy duties! I am currently nursing my 4 month old baby boy and I am loving it!!
I do miss you guys and hope to start blogging more regularly really soon, but don't worry, I have a whole lot of EXCITING skincare tips because I have been doing a whole lot of research too.

There are new products, technology, home-made skin recipes and loads more and I am ready to share them all. Plus may I add that the blog now has over 600,000 views! Not bad for a little less than a year right? 
Thank you all for visiting this page and thanks for all the emails too. 
I always like to leave you guys with a face to all the posts you have been reading, so here is one above. I just started working out after my delivery and I must say it is so difficult. But I must continue! Will also share my weight loss journey from time to time, so keep refreshing your pages, as I promise more exciting posts...

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The blogs has loads of simple home remedies for your skin. You think you have seen it all, but trust me there are still loads more to learn, so keep checking out previous posts and don't forget to drop your comments, views or reviews on any post that you like.

So till the next post, please don't forget to love your skin.