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Sunday, April 28, 2013


Hi. So i decided to start a home improvement and skin care blog for 2 reasons:
1. My intense passion for both areas and
2. The important and easily over looked areas of our homes/offices and our skins.

I am not really one for long right ups so I will go straight to the point and try to keep it short and interesting on each of my posts. You will be seeing a lot on all products and services (including affordable prices) that  VIVABELLA DESIGNS LTD, my interior design company has to offer, i will also be giving interior design and skincare tips, and definitely, this blog will be filled with beautiful pictures of lovely homes, that will help us improve on how we style our living areas and skincare products, that can help our skins glow in the Nigerian weather (or any other weather as a matter of fact).
So sit tight and watch this space, invite your moms, dads, siblings and friends too! and please all comments are highly welcome!!