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Monday, February 24, 2014

Skin Care Tips: Questions & Answers

Even after all said and done in the skincare area, some people still find it a bit confusing to understand all there is to do to achieve that healthy skin and beautiful glow. People are still torn between Moisturisers or serums? Masks or Exfoliators? or All of the above?

So this post is going to try to answer some common questions in really easy terms in order to help you with all the questions you may have on the right things you should be doing for a lovely, buttery skin..

Lets Learn the Basics...

What is Your SKin Type? Do you know your skin type? Is it Oily, dry, combination or sensitive? In previous posts, I have tried to explain the most important things to understand even before using ANY skincare product. You must understand your skin type. This is the only key to getting that beautiful skin you desire to see. Kindly click on this link to understand your skin type

Are You Exposing Your Skin to Excess Sun? You need to understand that over exposure of your skin to the sun speeds up the skin damage process. Constant exposure to rays/ heat of the sun could lead to sun burns, wrinkles and in extreme cases, cancer! In some cases, this is unavoidable for lots of people due to the nature of work or lifestyle. Therefore, if you must be in the sun for any reason, don't forget to use skincare products with sunscreen (SPF). The hotter the climate, the higher you should go on the SPF. SPF is now available in skincare products and even make-up, so no excuses.

What Type of Moisturisers Do You Need? This takes us back to question 1. Understanding your skin type will help you know how to select the best moisturisers for your skin. kindly check on my previous post on moisturisers by clicking on this link 5 Best Facial Moisturisers...
Moisturiser or Serum? It is also important to understand that there is a great difference between a serum and a moisturiser. While moisturisers are great for your skin, the serum penetrates better into the layers of your skin to condition it more deeply. There are also various kinds of serum for anti-ageing, skin brightening, and even acne preventing serum. 
A serum deposits nutrients into deeper layers of the skin, while a moisturiser hydrates the skin.
The best way to use a serum is to apply after the toner, but before your moisturiser. However, it is not compulsory to use both a serum and moisturiser at the same time. It is important to understand how your skin works and make the decision to use both or just one.

Extra Skincare Steps, VITAMINS... 
Your skin definitely requires some essential vitamins to glow from inside out! Thats the truth!! While I understand that there are some multivitamins for healthier looking glowing skin, I would also like to state that the best way to really get vitamins into your skin is through healthy eating. The most important vitamins required for a beautiful skin are Vit A(anti acne), E(anti ageing), K(rids dark circles around the eyes), C(anti-ageing & renews skin) and B(great for dry skin and spot reduction).
In today's skincare industry, these vitamins have become more infused with skin products.Therefore, when shopping for products. try to buy the ones that are rich in vitamins. But I still maintain that the best way is to actually EAT the vitamins by consuming loads of fruits and veggies!!!

Has this post helped you in anyway? Do you have more questions based on this post? Please feel free to drop a comment, its really easy and fuss-free! Till the next post...xoxo