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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Using The Right Products But Not Getting Results?- Secrets To Proper Face Cleansing...

Most people use the right skin care products but still complain of the same problems that they are trying to get rid of. Why is this so?

It is important to understand that there are particular ways to apply your skincare products. Do you just apply your face moisturiser directly to your skin? Do you just rinse without paying attention? Do you just rub your facial scrubs in no particular manner?

Well this post has come to the rescue! We need to do it right to get the best result from our skin care products in order to achieve soft glowing skin.

Read on and discover the secret to proper face cleansing and watch your skin glow!

So here's how:

Firstly, Treat Your Eyes With Care. Before you start washing your face with a cleanser, you NEED TO REMOVE YOUR EYE MAKE UP. If you have racoon eyes after washing, you need to take extra care in dissolving your mascara and other eye make-up.

Recommendation: Try using this oil based cleanser, Dermalogica Precleanse as it removes stubborn eyeliner and mascara easily.

Technique: Put cleanser on a cotton pad, press lightly on eye area and wipe GENTLY after a few seconds. Repeat as needed. Then rinse off with cool water.

Secondly, Choose Your Cleanser Wisely. Washing your face PROPERLY is really important. This is because you need a clean skin to work on. Good skincare starts with a clean skin. There is no point using a toner or moisturiser or anti acne products on your skin if you don't have a clean "palette" to work with.
Also, over washing is as bad as not washing properly. Your face is not a plate, it doesn't need to be squeaky before you know its clean, lol!
Now, this stage is really important: Finding the right cleanser is key. So think of your skin type:

Oily skin tends to be better with Gel Wash, which helps dissolve oil, make up and sun screen.

Recommendation 1: Try Clinique Wash Away Gel Cleanser. 

Technique: Pour your gel cleanser on the tip of your palms and rub before you apply to your face. This technique activates the active ingredients in your cleanser and makes it work more effectively. Rub on your face tenderly and in CIRCULAR motions

Normal Skin tends to be better with Foaming Lotion Cleanser

Recommendation: Great for normal/combination Skin.

Technique: Apply a small amount of foamy cleanser on your palm and massage gently in circular motions. Rinse with luke warm water..

Dry and Sensitive skin tends to be better with Gentle Creamy Cleanser

Recommendation: Try Clarins Cleansing Milk. I Love what Milk does to the skin (check out other natural home made milk skin recipes in previous posts)...

Technique: Same as explained above.

Tip: After Cleansing, experts recommend using tepid or lukewarm water to remove cleanser. avoid water that is too hot or too cold!
Don't dry your face using a hand towel that has been hanging in your bathroom all year round. Get a face towel dedicated to your face alone.
Be Gentle in Cleaning, instead of rubbing your face with your towel, pat dry. 

Thirdly, get the right toner that suits your skin. A toner is an astringent that is used on the skin after washing your face with a cleanser and before using your moisturisers. It is used to remove excess oil and to reduce the size of your pores ( You see, toning is not same as bleaching!)
Skin toners refreshen, tightens pores, cleanses,  and moisturise skin to reveal a healthy glow. You see why you can't skip this process?
Lovely Pomegranate Toner by Body Shop

Highly recommended face Toners by Clarins. (for oily, combination and dry skin). Make sure to choose the right one..

Fourthly, Moisturise. For great Moisturizers, Click here 5 Best Facial Moisturisers...

So there we have it! These steps look like a lot of trouble, right? Wrong! Once you understand that your face needs TLC for it to glow, then these steps wouldn't be a big deal. 
Hope this helps to answer most of the questions I get asked everyday. 
Till the next post, pls feel free to leave your comments and I will try my best to answer each and every question. 


  1. Thnks babes fr d info. Bt ps cld u review oda products dt r less pricy n more affordable, clinique n d likes wil put a deep hole in some of us pockets. Hw abt clean n clear, palmers , black opal n odas? Thnks

    1. lol. u are sooooo funny. nice one. yes, you can use clean and clear, nutrogena, etc however, make sure that it caters to your skin type. and follow the techniques too. am sure u will be fine. will do up a post for more affordable brands in the nearest future!

  2. Thnks dearie. U rock

  3. Sandy babe u rock. The HolySpirit is really at work in ur life.My face glows and peeps can't passby without commenting on my face. I did a facials 1st as u advised,I use a gel cleanser,wipe my makeup properly with an aloevera product,use my neutrongena religiously&moisture afterwards. My face glows&d dark spots are almost invisible.I am trying to work on what to perfect my body to suit d glow in my face. Wanna try d honey+oats method on my face&body.I use sebamed pdt on my body too so wat do u advise 4 my body. Tnx dear.danny

    1. hi danny, u just put a smile on my face. thanks for the feedback! i advice u continue to exfoliate your skin @ least 2ce a week. maybe on the weekends when u have time to pamper yourself. try any of the natural recipes on the blog or check out my newest post on almond+milk+sugar! great job!!

  4. Thank you for this information. I would like to know if there is a way to test for my skin type. Thank you

    1. U can do it yourself. Take a clean/ white tissue paper or use your palm. Wash your palm and dry it. Then swipe your face, If your skin is dry, there will be no oil residue on your palm or d paper.
      If u have combination skin, d oil will be noticed around your t-zone and if you have oily skin, your palm or paper will be really oily.

      Alternatively, visit a spa. It's free, i guess.


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