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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Welcome To Your Healthiest Facial Skin Ever!

Beauty for men and women, begins with optimum health and well being. The skin naturally reflects your inner health. Like i always say, the glow of your skin depends on what you take in (eat) and what you use on it (skin care products).

Skin Candeez*** vision is to help you achieve and maintain a glowing, healthy skin through the use of the appropriate product and healthy recipes...

So this post is dedicated to introducing you, yet again, to the basics, which your skin needs to glow. Lets call it Skincare 101.

Ok! after your facial treatment, your face feels renewed, refreshed and looks great, right? The thing is you definitely want it to keep looking that way all year round! Well there are some basics for that to happen.

Step 1: Cleansing 2ce-a-day (morning and evening. I guess you have heard/read this countless times. Well for the fact that you have, it simply means it cannot be overemphasised because the very first step to achieving a lovely skin. While we sleep,we detoxify through the skin, and this is why you need to cleanse in the morning. During the night, the skin goes through a process of regeneration and renewal, therefore, cleansing your skin @ night will definitely improve its appearance in the long run.

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Step 2: A hydrating toner prepares your skin to absorb the moisturiser, (which is the 3rd step), more effectively.

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Step 3:  Moisturising in the morning adds a protective layer against harmful factors such as sun, the weather, pollution etc. Moisturising @ night helps heal your skin during the renewal process...

What Next? After mastering these basics, there are additional "specials" that will help make these basic steps work better. They can be done 2ce to 3ce a week. They include:

1. Exfoliation, used to remove dead skin cells resulting in a fresher and smoother skin and:

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant is a gentle exfoliant made with rice. Its feels like ground rice, soft but effective to remove dead skin cells.

2. Using a Masque: Masques are great for skin balancing, regulation of oil production, clarifying/purifying the skin, nourishing with antioxidant vitamins and loads more.
Tip: Masques should be applied immediately after exfoliation,left on for a prescribed amount of time, then rinsed or cleaned off.The toner and moisturiser is then applied after the masque.

Remember to choose skin care products that suit your skin type! Till the next post, xoxo... 


  1. I am 30yrs old,I used to have minor acne till an old friend told me she is into facials n creams.she did facials for me n mixed creams too but I bleached me n I stopped.Ever since,I had serious breakout n I have tried all good products like murad,clean n clear,when I start initially,it looks like my skin is getting but after awhile I have rasheslike acne on my face n worst part it gives me spot.pls what do I do to have clear skin n how do I know the best products for my skin.

    1. ok. this could be a possible problem
      1. your make up may have expired: check to see that your powder/foundation is not more than 2 years. also, it could be that u are not using the right make up for your skin type. some make ups just clog the skin, and as girls, we just keep applying more make up to cover up the blemishes. the thing is u have to go make up free for a few days to see how your skin reacts.

      2. am glad u stopped the mixed cream! the way u know the best product for your skin is by finding out your skin type and by buying products that are made especially for your skin type. don't use product for dry skin, if u have oily skin.

      3. keep visiting the blog and try to use natural recipes that i have put up in other posts, use things like honey, yoghurt, etc as that will calm your face a bit and help clear your blemishes. remember to test any recipe u choose on your skin first before u go on!

      hope this helps...xoxo

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