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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Pure Coconut Oil & Brown Sugar...

Hi y'all, I want to share my latest recipe for achieving a great skin glow. I have used coconut oil in the past. However, I stumbled on this PURE unadulterated coconut oil during one of my research.

Its really simple, but first, let me educate you on the great benefits of using coconut oil on your skin

Coconut oil softens and smoothens the skin. It also lightens spots when directly applied on the affected area. It can be used as a lovely exfoliant (as you will soon see with my recipe). It can also be used as a tropical massage oil as the delicious fragrance calms and soothes during the massage therapy. It can be used as a conditioner for your hair, on your feet during pedicure, it can even be used for cooking (replace your vegetable oils with coconut oil), its delicious!

I could go on and on, but for the benefit of this post, simply put, Coconut oil is great for your skin as it improves skin tone and texture, it softens and smoothens and it brings out the glow in your skin.

So here is my recipe. This will be used as a scrub for exfoliation. I love exfoliating and I do so as often as 3ce to 4 times a week. Remember to rub in mixture in circular motion from feet to face (yes this scrub is great for your face too!)

Simply mix Pure Coconut Oil + Brown/ white sugar. Extra tip: for a brightening effect, add few drops of lime. Can also be dropped in your bathing water for optimum moisture.

Pure Coconut Oil is also available for sale @ N5,000 (For those in Nigeria only). All you need do is call 08169000005 to place your orders.


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! Love what you do here too. Will definitely be ordering some coconut oil soon!


    1. Yay! It's sasha P on my blog... dancing azonto!

    2. Yay! It's sasha P on my blog... dancing azonto!