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Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Hi guys. how has it been for u peeps? hectic or laid back? Mine has been a bit of both! I have been working on a client's home and its been both exciting and tiring. But u know what, keep going, just keep doing whatever you are passionate about, as I always say, consistency pays off in the long run!

So back to what this post is all about. Y'all know how much I love me some coconut oil. Ever since it was used to massage me a long while ago, I fell totally in love with the fragrance, the feel and its powerful effect on my skin. I have been researching on other ways to use this magic oil and I came across a lovely recipe. This recipe involves using coconut oil as a cleanser for the face! The surprise is its also suitable for oily skin!!

Oil cleansing is a method of cleansing using essential oils on the face. If you google oil cleansing, you will find out that this method isn't new at all. Using oil to clean off oil from the face sounds ridiculous right? However, you will be so amazed with the results as I have noticed. Did you know that oil cleansing will help remove all the toxins below your skin's surface? Amazing right?! Coconut oil is anti-microbial and contains anti toxin properties that will cleanse your pores rather than clog them.

When trying the oil cleanse system, you may experience more break outs for the first few days. But thats fine as this simply means that the oil is bringing out toxins in order to clear the inner blemishes.

Oil cleansing is also great for acne prone skin and skin with blemishes. Coconut oil is calm and soothing and also opens the pores, releases built up toxins and prevents new blemishes from breaking out. I was totally amazed myself.
Check my face out (and I have used no make up in this pic, so I am totally fresh faced and this is on day 5 of my coconut oil cleanse).

Coconut Oil Cleanse Recipe: 1/2 cup extra virgin organic coconut oil + 1 teaspoon of olive oil. 
Whisk oils together till well blended in and store in an air tight container. 
Also get a little towel specifically for your face.

Oil Cleansing Process: Apply coconut oil on your face and neck using a cotton pad, then soak face towel in warm water and hold the steam from the towel over your face to steam in the oils. Finally, rinse off!
So simple! Remember to use organic coconut and olive oil. To order your organic coconut oil, pls call 08169000005. It costs N5,000 (for those in Nigeria only)

My Verdict: The oil cleanse is something I will continue to try from time to time. It could be tried when you want to pamper your skin or when you want your skin to rest from all the cleansers, and toners. However, its not something that would replace my usual regime of Cleanse-Tone-Moisturise.

I am always glad to use myself as an experiment before I bring in recipes, lol! But it does work!!
Till the next post, Keep calm and lets glow together.


  1. Is it a keg of coconut oil u want to sell 4 5k ? A friend bought 4 1k not spoiln ur biz just curious.

    1. Lol. Great! Your friend probably has a coconut tree! Well I don't!! Lol

  2. So u gt ur own coconut frm d ground lol

  3. Wow. U guye are really funny. But seriously, have u consideres how d coconut oil is gotten, d packaging and delivery? So if its sold @ 1k , how much is the gain supposed to be? 100 naira. Pls make sure its pure coconut oil u are buying and not crude oil o!

  4. Hi sandra, nice regime and i will try it asap, do i just rinse with water or I can use soap as well?

  5. Hi sandra, nice regime and i will try it asap, do i just rinse with water or I can use soap as well?

    1. remember u should soak your face towel in hot water. use the steam from the hot towel to cleanse your face.

  6. I just bought my coconut oil yday for £1.39 so will be trying this asap and will start cooking with coconut oil also as its a healthy alternative.

    1. Good. Thanks for the feedback. Coconut oil is great! However ensure its not over processed.