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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Home Spa Tips...

The only way to achieve glowing skin is by showing it Tender Loving Care! There's no other trick to it. You just have to find the time to pamper your skin.

This post will help you with turning your space/home into a place where you too can experience the spa feel. Its only reality that sometimes people can't even find the time or extra cash to visit a professional spa. But this is the time, to stop and decide that you will give yourself time to love your skin. Because you deserve it! What"s the point of working so hard, if you can't find time to love yourself?

This post will also show you how to create that spa atmosphere in your home. Going to the spa can be expensive, so why not create your home spa using home made ingredients and recipes that are natural and can produce flawless, beautiful skin. 

A home spa is very soothing and revitalising for the skin, the mind and body. It is fortunately very easy to do a little DIY beauty @ home. Firstly set aside a day for "me-time". (maybe saturday evening or sunday afternoon). Spend your time treating your face through cleansing, exfoliating, masking and massaging. Give your body the same attention through scrubbing followed by a lathering of rich body lotion.

Tip1: Create a home spa atmosphere by switching off all lights and putting on scented candles. the more the candles, the better! (Pls remember to blow it out when you are done!)

Tip 2: To create your own steamer, fill a large bowl with hot water, hold your head about 15 inches above the water. Create a tent by draping a towel over your head, shoulders and the bowl. To stimulate your sense of smell, you can add few drops of essential oils such as lavender, vanilla or any fragrance you love.. Follow this step by cleansing and toning your face, making sure to use the right products for your skin type.

Tip3: Make a lovely and simple brown sugar scrub using Honey + Brown sugar. This can be used to exfoliate your body, then step into a warm shower and rinse off, followed by applying a generous amount of body lotion/ body butter.

Tip 4: You can make an organic and nutritious facial mask using blended Yoghurt + Banana + Honey. 

Apply mixture using your foundation brush, leave on for 5-10 minutes, remember to lay quietly on your bed, covering your eyes with cucumber slices, while breathing in and out! try not to focus on any other thing but yourself. (U can listen to soft music too, try calm asian inspired instrumentals). After rinsing off, use a good face moisturiser.

Tip5: Sleep Off! The advantage of a home spa over a professional one is that you can sleep off on your bed  after all's done, while you may have to get into your car and drive home after a day @ the spa! If you can, get some much needed sleep...

Things Needed For Your Home Spa:
Fresh Towels
Scented Candles
Essential Oils
 Calm Soothing Music
Quiet Atmosphere
Fruits/Ingredients of choice based on home made recipes being used.

Share your home spa experiences with us by leaving a comment. Feel free to give some more tips or ask questions...


  1. A day of relaxation and pampering, be it in a spa or in the comforts of your home, doesn't just gift you with glowing skin, but also gives you relaxation and fulfillment. Thank you for sharing these wonderful home spa tips! They're wonderful!
    Lilia @ LaFleur de Beaute

    1. Hi lilia, thanks for the comment. Hopefully,, i will get to visit your spa in NY someday. Great job on your site!