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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

1-Minute Home Made Recipe For Glowing Skin

Halo, I want to share my spa experience with y'all. I will give you a blow by blow account of how my spa time went.
So I got to the spa in time to choose a "Sea salt" body scrub treatment from the "menu". I was immediately whisked to a room that had a steamer and sauna. I spent like 10 minutes in the sauna and was asked to go into the steamer, (that didn't work by the way!), so back into the sauna I went for another 5 minutes. The sauna process opens up your pores and allows your skin detoxify through sweat, which is caused by the heat of the sauna.

Next, an Asian lady interrupted the sauna time announcing that it was time for the scrub, as she had another client in an hour! Anyway, I didn't want her attitude to kill my joy, so I opted for her colleague to scrub my body! lol! Scrub exfoliates the skin and removes dead skin cells, and reveals a glow.

In I went into the treatment room, and the scrub began. I was scrubbed so hard that I felt like a dirty pot! Ah ah, it was too hard jor! haba!!

Well @ the end of the treatment, I went in for a warm bath, laid down on the "treatment bed" again, this time for the moisturising stage with body butter. The moisturiser sips through the open pores and reveals a smoother, clearer skin.

At the end of my spa experience, my whole body was pinky red! However, my skin calmed down eventually and revealed a lovely glow...

Was it a great experience? Well judging from the fact that this is supposed to be a 5-star spa in a 5-star hotel in lagos (name withheld), I really don't think so. I guess my pic says the opposite, right? I did feel a bit better after the treatment and was in-fact smiling for u guys that visit the blog! lol!!

So the recipe for this scrub used @ the spa? Sea salt and Yoghurt! This lovely recipe can be achieved in the comfort of your homes. Use full fat yoghurt. Mix the salt and yoghurt until its not too pasty or runny, then take care to rub into skin softly in circular motions from feet to neck (can also be used on your face, however, check to see if its suitable for those with sensitive skin before applying on the face).


  1. Which kind of yoghurt A̶̲̥̅̊₪d̶̲̥̅̊ where can I get one.»̶·̵̭̌·̵̭̌✽̤̈̊Ŧђɑ̤̥̈̊п̥̥̲̣̣̣kƨ̣̣̣̇̇̇̇✽̤̈̊·̵̭̌·̵̭̌«̶⌣

    1. hi, you can use any plain yoghurt. go for full fat ones. also, u can find yoghurt in any good grocery store.