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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Do You Know?

Halo, I am feeling exceptionally happy today. Do you get that feeling too? A feeling that you just know that something new, and exciting is about to happen in your life! Well, thats the way i have been feeling lately.

I want to share some tips of things you probably don't know or tips that you do know, but don't care to do! It concerns your skin and little things that you need to know in order to make it glow with radiance. Keep reading:

1. Dirt and residue from your hair products can build up on your pillowcases and cause you to break out?

Tip: Change your pillowcases as often as needed in order to avoid break outs on your face.

2. Exfoliation causes a burst of cell renewal, which leads to enhanced skin appearance. Exfoliation also removes dead and dry skin cells revealing a smoother and brighter skin, which enables the effective penetration of your skincare products.

Tip: Choose a gentle daily exfoliant instead of hard, sandy types.

3. Hot and steamy baths could strip your skin of its moisture and leave it dry and irritated.
Tip Opt for a warm/cool bath instead!

4. Oily skin needs as much moisturising as dry skin. You can have oily skin and still experience dehydration.

Tip: Use oil control lotion, which provides oil free hydration and minimises shine.

5. Sunscreen shields and protects your skin from the damaging effects of the sun and other harsh weathers such as winter.

SPF15 - BodyShop

SPF30 - La prairie

Tip: A minimum of SPF15 is recommended for everyday use, while SPF30 is great for skins already showing ageing signs.

Hopefully, these tips will enlighten you on how to treat your skin better to bring out that glow! it feels like too much work right? The trick to beautiful skin is consistency, after a while you just find yourself doing those things automatically, it becomes as easy as wearing your bra or boxers! lol!!

Till the next post, please keep your comments, questions and ideas coming through leaving a comment. kisses...

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