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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Still On Perfectil...

So my previous post was on the multivitamin called Perfectil. Read it here, PERFECTIL... Perfect For Your Skin, Nails And Hair . It is a multivitamin that is especially formulated for Hair, Skin and Nails. I got some questions asking if there are side effects with this vitamin capsules. So for the aid of other readers, i would reply openly and the answer is NO!

To the best of my knowledge and as someone who has used the drug, it does nothing but enhance the radiance of your Skin, Hair and Nails. It is important to also find out about whatever drug you decide to take from your doctor or pharmacist.

Again, multivitamins have no side effects! Having said that, i would also love to introduce another multivitamin (made by same company, Vitabiotics); that is specifically designed to make your skin glow. It is called "Perfectil, Platinum"

My pack of Perfectil Platinum

Perfectil Platinum, great for bringing out the radiance in your skin.

This product is made by Vitabiotics, a leading multivitamin brand that has other vitamins for pregnant women, young kids and older adults. However, the Perfectil Platinum*** is specifically for beautiful skin.

Benefits include:
1. Skin & Collagen Formulation. It contains Vit C, B2 and B3, which contribute to the maintenance of the skin.

2. Cell Division & Protection: This helps in protecting and repairing your skin from sun damage, environmental pollutions, smoking and other factors that can contribute to damaging your skin. The multivitamin includes Vit D, B12 and Folic acid.

3. All round Hair and Nail Support: It includes biotin, which contributes to healthy hair, and also Selenium and Zinc, which contribute to great nails.

There, you have it! A comprehensive explanation why should consider using this multivitamin and not worry about side effects. Additionally, carefully read the pack of the drug before you start.
Its recommended for daily intake and should be taken on a full stomach, so take with your main meal (see pack for more details)...
Will post a picture of how I look in 2 weeks (wink!!), remember I am glad to be your guinea pig! lol!! Till the next post, have fun and keep glowing...

By the way, this multivitamin is suitable for men and women of all ages...


  1. Is this product sold only in the UK?? ive been checking my drug stores and cant find it anywhere!!

    1. It's very much in Nigeria. I just got mine few days ago from health plus in shop rite lekki. Where are u based?

  2. Im located in the U.S. its UD lol! but i have looked in places like Target, CVS, and Walgreen but cant find it anywhere. Maybe I just need to buy it online.

    1. UD of course I know it u my darling. That's strange o, for u not to find it in the US. Hmmm, I guess online is your best bet. It's a great multivitamin. Miss u girl.

  3. Please I need a good soap,recommend one pls and affordable too

    1. I love liquid soaps. However if u want a good bar soap, try dove or any bar soaps from the body shop range!

    2. Which liquid soaps do you recommend

  4. are u taking it alongside the first one u wrote about? and i just started taking forever living royal jelly and holland & barret cod liver oil like a month ago, for my skin and i think my skin looks brighter (though i might just be imagining things, lol!). so do u think i could also take perfectil in addition to these?

  5. Hi. I am not taking it together. It's either one or the other. If u say d vitamins u are taking are great for u, then stick to it. I do not recommend a mixture of vitamin supplements that do the same thing!

  6. Yeah I thought it was strange too but maybe after I've bought it online it will appear somewhere unexpectedly lol! I have to let you know how it worked for me after using it for awhile!

    Miss u too..can't wait to see u again! But for now I just settle for the blogs! Can't get enough!!

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