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Saturday, June 22, 2013

PERFECTIL... Perfect For Your Skin, Nails And Hair

 I met a beautiful woman between the ages of 35-37, many many years ago in Wuse market, Abuja-Nigeria. And when I say beautiful, I don't mean brazillian wearing, eye lash fixing and make up painted face. No! I mean naturally stunning and a glow to behold. Her hair was so full, long, dark and healthy, her nails looked almost pink, but in a natural way, shiny, not from the use of OPI top coat! And finally, her skin looked like butter and felt so smooth, as I later touched her in the bid to get her attention. She looked every inch a Naturally beautiful well put together woman.

Then came my million dollar question. "Hello madam, pls what do you use for your hair and skin?" She smiled pleasantly, and simply replied, "PERFECTIL"

Wow! I was confused, I had never heard that name before, but I humbly jotted down exactly what she said and decided to do my research later.

And of course, I went searching, looking and checking all the drug stores I knew for this miracle drug, but couldn't find it! I eventually gave up, sadly of course!!

On a good day, I went into a store looking for something entirely different. While in the store I just looked left and there, sitting on a "mantle" was my trophy, PERFECTIL. So I quickly bought it and ran off to look beautiful, lol.. And yes, within 2 weeks, I noticed my hair was fuller. My nails stronger and longer; something I hadn't seen in a while and of course, I was getting asked questions as well. "What do you use for your skin?" "Your hair is shiny, is it Olive Oil Relaxer?" lol...

So, after many years, I have decided to also share with you, my lovelies.


PERFECTIL*** is a multivitamin by Vitabiotics and they refer to this drug as "The Science Of Beauty". Its a formula for great looking skin, hair and nails and true to their words, it does exactly just that! It gives you beauty from within, which then radiates out.

Perfectil is recommended for use by both men and women of all ages to maintain healthy skin, hair and nails. It is available in 30 tablets (1 months supply) and 90 tablets (3 months supply) packed with the essential nutrients to give you great skin, hair and nails too.

 It is recommended to take 1 tablet a day with your main meal. It must be taken on a FULL stomach and must be taken with plenty of water, not tea or coffee!*** 
For Pregnant women, pls consult your doctor before you start to use the capsules.

Find out more on their website:

It can be found in various leading pharmacies in Nigeria like Medplus.

You are welcome...xoxo


  1. yayy!! can't wait to try it...exciting!

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  3. Hope,it doesn't have side effect?

    1. its a multivitamin. supplements do not have side effects.

  4. U ar doing a great job.I'm an ardent follower of ur blog dou I hardly comment.I stay in jos but I'll b in lagos next week,pls where is medplus located?nd does dis drug av any side effect?tanx

    1. hi. thanks. medplus can be found in shop rite, lekki. perfectil is a vitamin supplement and does not have any side effect. i will advice u read the paper in the drug before u take it. as with any other drug u take...

  5. pls Sandra where can I find perfectil in Abuja? secondly pls btw my legs my skin is really dark pls wat do I do to lighten it up? tnxs

    1. Check out med plus or health plus in silverbird Abuja or any well stocked pharmacy. Your thighs are meant to be darker than other parts of your body naturally because of the friction when u walk. So lightening the skin around that area might not be realistic. However, you can exfoliate and moisturise that area as much as u do your body. This will make the skin around your inner thighs appear better. Also remember not to scrub hard