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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Pineapple+ Apple Juice: A Refreshing Drink...

So, I made a Pineapple and Apple juice today and decided to share this DELICIOUS drink with you.

Its nice to make what we eat and drink from scratch. Its more nutritious and refreshing. You should try this @ home plus its much cheaper. Think of how many packs of juice you would need for 6 people.

Well, this juice satisfied 6 people and I didn't have to spend much! Enjoy!!

Easy step 1: chop 1 Big Pineapple and 4 - 6 cored apples

Tip for fruit juicing beginners: To core an apple means to remove the centre of the apple where the seeds are...

 Easy step 2: Use a juicer*** as seen below to extract the fresh juice from the fruits...

Final easy step 3: Add crushed ice or ice cubes into a glass and serve chilled. Decorate with any fruits of your choice. I used strawberry.

Enjoy the freshness that fruits provide.

Consumption of Pineapples are great fro glowing skin and apples are also great for weight loss.

Enjoy and Happy Father's Day!!


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    1. hey, to tackle acne, check this out

  2. Lol! Check out my next post coming soon it will be on acne.