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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Scrub To Glow! Almond+Milk+Sugar

Hi! This simple scrub is sure to improve the look of your skin. Its easy and inexpensive and great for your skin.

All you need is Almond nuts, Milk, and Sugar...

Check this out:

Soak Almonds in Whole cream Milk for 15 minutes and Blend (using a blender, pls not the one u use for your pepper o! lol)

The paste should look something like this. Then sprinkle sugar over your paste. (I used brown sugar as seen in the picture above, however, you can use any kind of sugar)

Notice the radiance? I assure you, you will notice a difference in glow!
This scrub can be stored in the fridge and used 2ce to 3ce a week.
Technique: Rub in circular motion from feet upwards.

I always enjoy every comment, suggestion and ideas. pls keep them coming...



  1. Ħºw long should it be left on the skin?

    1. u can leave on for like 1-2 minutes. the most important thing is that u rub it on your skin in circular motions to exfoliate.