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Sunday, March 23, 2014

"There Is No Such Thing As Anti-Ageing"

Hi y'all, its been a hot minute since I blogged. I have been going through so much changes and adjustments in my life, so don't be mad at me for not updating as frequently as I should.

I have also been doing loads of research and updating. Hopefully, in due time, i will be able to share my knowledge and experiences through future posts more regularly.

"There's no such thing as anti-ageing"...
The world makes us believe that we can stall or slow the age process through products, surgery, etc. but the fact still remains that we MUST age as long as we are alive. You just owe it to yourself to age well through taking care of your inner health and outer fitness!!!

I am sure that the post title seems a bit shocking! But the fact of life is that there is actually absolutely nothing like anti ageing. As long as we are alive, we DEFINITELY WILL AGE irrespective of whatever procedure we go through. However, there is a catch and a secret to looking beautiful at whatever age you find yourself. 

Its important for you to understand how to take care of yourself because anti-ageing is inevitable. If you want to look your best at for age, its all about:

  • (For posts on cleansing, sunscreen and moisturising, check out my precious posts)
  • TAKING GOOD CARE OF YOUR SKIN: Which consists;
1. Microdermabrasion:
This is a powerful mechanical facial exfoliation using a machine. It works by removing the upper most layer of dead skin from the face, chest and hands. This service is usually offered by a professional in a day spa, media-spa or specialised skin care place. This treatment reveals a softer looking skin that a home exfoliation cannot achieve. Treatments are also scheduled into like 4-6 treatments.

2. Constant Review of Good Product Based on Age Group: 
I have always pointed out in previous posts the importance of using the best product for your skin type. This cannot be overemphasised. In other to age beautifully, understanding your skin type is important as this will help you choose the right products. Also, its important to  understand that when you begin to age, you may need to review your products. For instance, the products used in your 20s should not be the same for your 30s or 40s. As your age group changes, its important to also note that the skin changes as well.  

3. Facials: 
Some of us overlook the need for facials. But the truth still remains that having a professional aesthetician  use professional only products helps to bring out a beautiful glow. This procedure sets the pace for your day to day product use and definitely increases the chances of your product working.

4. "Pee, Poo, Sweat": 
These are the best way of getting rid of toxins from your body. Through your "pee", you can tell if you are drinking enough water or not. Your "poo" tells you if you are getting the best nutrition, and finally, sweating through exercise definitely cleans your body from inside out, thereby, revealing a glowing you!

Having said all these, the best way to age gracefully is not to believe in the delusional "forever young" thoughts that the world wants us to believe. The most important thing is to try to look beautiful at any age. To be able to love yourself irrespective of your colour and looks.

The Inspiration for this post is derived from "The Body Book" by Cameron Diaz and the Oprah documentary I watched recently on the new look of ageing in today's world!

Till the next post, xoxo

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