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Monday, March 24, 2014

Egyptian Magic... The New Magical Secret To Glowing Skin...

I was watching E! news and was amazed by the rave reviews about a product that seems to be the Best thing that ever happened in the moisturising industry. So they (including hollywood celebrities) said!!

Because I am not one to swallow every rave out there, I decided to do some research on the said cream. The name? EGYPTIAN MAGIC!  

The EGYPTIAN MAGIC is an all purpose skin cream used because of its natural ingredients and great results.

Egyptian Magic feels more like a balm that is great for dry and sensitive skin. Its also great for normal skin types for that extra moisture to reveal a glossy glow! Its believed to treat dry skin, rashes, stretch marks, skin conditions such as psoriasis, and even great for hair!

This moisturiser is made with an all natural ingredient that is even easy to recreate in your own home. Olive oil contains anti oxidants, Beeswax retains moisture while Royal jelly and Propolis extract improves skin's radiance. 

This product can be a bit too balmy, so for best results, warm on tip of palms first before use.

Click this site for more celebrity testimonials and endorsements on this skin product.


  1. Please how can I get this?

    1. i do not know if its in Nigeria. where are u based? if u are in the US, u can get it in beauty stores

  2. Hi dear, u have a great blog here and though i just stumbled unto it, am already an addict.
    my issue is that though i have a great skin, its very supple and soft but its prone to keloids. please what can i do to clear it or at least prevent others from forming. . thank you.
    i have problem uploading with my google account so let me drop my email

  3. hello, on the Egyptian magic, i cant find it here (Nigeria) and though i initially wanted to order online, its seems unreasonable to me to pay $46 to ship a cream of $37. please dear is there a another cream thats close to the Egyptian magic that u can recommend for me and its readily available in Nigeria. thank you,