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Monday, January 6, 2014

SkinCare 2014! For Flawless Skin In 2014...

Welcome to the first beauty post of the year! Last year was such a great year filled with unexpected events and interesting turn-outs. This year is going to be even greater.

Hopefully, I will blog more regularly. However, the truth is I do not feel the need to put up a post if it does not bring quality to you, my readers. So I will blog with a purpose (regularly, I hope!!) lol.

Today's post is just to prepare us for the new and exciting things to expect concerning your skins on the blog this year. I will be researching on the Latest Beauty Trends, the Best Skincare Products, the Newest techniques in Skin Care Management and of course Going Green in Skincare!

Beautiful skin should not just come as a result of what you splatter on it. Glowing skin must come as a result of what is within. Your skin needs firstly understanding followed closely by tender care.

For  flawless skin in 2014, I want to re-emphasise the importance of understanding your skin type (Dry, Oily, Normal or Sensitive) and taking care of your skin through simple steps including Cleansing, which usually starts with an oil or cream to remove make-up. For Deep Cleansing, use cleansing soaps for the appropriate skin type. This cleansing step is followed by a Clarifying Lotion (also known as toner) to prepare the face for absorption of the magic step, which is Moisturising.

For flawless skin in 2014, learn how to let your face "breathe". This simply means going somedays with NO make-up! Apart from you looking better than you think, going few days without make-up allows your skin to work on itself through natural regeneration and repair of cells. If you absolutely must wear make-up, try something really light like using an eyeliner and lip-gloss. You will be surprised at how young lighter make-up makes you look.

Lastly for flawless skin in 2014, please ditch the creams that promise to lighten, whiten, or in the real word bleach your beautiful skins. The first step is to LOVE YOUR SKIN irrespective of colour. If you feel darkened as a result of the harsh weather conditions, etc, there are loads of great products that can protect your skin from heat or cold. DO your research on anything you want to put on your skin this year! Better still, ask me on the blog by leaving a comment. I will be so happy to give you feedback on any product. All I need is the name of the product...

Lets also learn to smile, lets learn to be happy, lets learn to love and lets learn to receive love as these acts radiates from within to reveal a glowing skin.

Keep checking out previous post because there's is always something new to learn! Till the next post...



  1. Please what home remedy can I use around my eyes to eliminate dark circles and also to reduce or prevent open pores on my cheek area.

    1. Firstly try to understand why u have dark circles around your eyes. Are u sleep deprived, sun burnt or emotionally drained. These are some causes of dark circles.
      Having said that, u can place cold cucumber slices on your closed eyelids, or chilled lip ton tea bags.
      Other home remedies could be self spa treatment like a cotton ball soaked in rose water.
      For open pores, pls wash your face morning and night as a clean face reduces your pores.also check my previous post on using banana peels. It also reduces open pores

  2. What will help fade dark knuckles

    1. Don't forget to moisturize your hands regularly. Try using pure olive oil, almond oil or just a hand cream rich in shea butter.

  3. What will help fade dark knuckles

    1. Dark knuckles are caused naturally by skin pigmentation known as melanin. However, exposure to harsh chemicals in creams and the sun can also increase melanin production causing skin discoloration.
      Try any of these home remedies: use lime juice on the area, then rinse in cold water. Or
      Soak your knuckles in a bowl of warm water mixed with glycerin, rose water and baking soda.

  4. Hello thx for d great work u are doing. My question is QEI+ PARIS good for sensitive skin. Thx

  5. Hello thx for d great work u are doing. My question is QEI+ PARIS good for sensitive skin. Thx

    1. based on my research, this skin lightening cream claims to have no hydroquinone. its made in paris and there are mixed reviews on this product.
      the ingredients/contents of the cream are so hard to pronounce and since i am a believer in less is more in skin care products plus since you have a sensitive skin, i will suggest that you try out another product that is great for sensitive skin. or try to use their carrot oil instead.
      If you decide to explore other products, try skin care products from kiehls***
      hope this helps and sorry for the late reply.

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