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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Merry Xmas! A Face To All the Post Y'all Been Reading

Its 4 days to Christmas. For everyone, its almost the end of the year! Its a happy time (for most, I hope), a time to relax and reflect on past happenings in our lives. A time to show love, receive love and hope for a better future..

Its been a great year for the blog as well. So I want to say thank you for reading my posts, thanks for leaving comments, thanks for sending emails and thanks for refreshing the pages over and over again..

As you go into the next year, take time to understand and learn from whatever mistakes you have made, and how to turn the negatives around you into positives! Learn how to grow spiritually, learn how to be positive, to take risks and to aim higher. Learn how to forgive and love genuinely for the right reasons. Learn how to be more sensitive to people around you, never judging, and always happy for others. Learn how to pray and talk to God like He is your best confidant and friend (this, He actually is!) 

And finally as we age gracefully, learn how to love your skin... This blog of course will help you through this particular task all through next year, lol.

Merry Christmas and Lets glow together.



  1. Congrats I.J, on your new look, this is ur blog visitor from chicago illinois USA.You might not remember becos its been like ages.this is Late Victoria's chukwueke(Egbu) grand-daughter.maybe you might remember your mid-term breaks those days in FGGC.

    1. hi. although i can't remember u, but i definitely can't forget those great times in egbu! lol. thanks for visiting my blog and pls keep visiting.