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Tuesday, October 8, 2013


A lot of people obsess about ageing and as a result, spend lots of money on various products or procedures. Really, the fact is, if we are fortunate enough to grow old, it is not a process that we can freeze no matter how much surgery we undergo or how much botox injections we decide to take.

While ageing is a fact of life and is inevitable, there is no reason why advancing years must be associated with weakness, pain or disability. So this post will help you discover some simple and realistic steps that will lead to a healthy and happy ageing process.

The first thing to understand is you don't have to wait to start taking care of yourself. The time to age gracefully is now and it includes your General lifestyle, Eating/diet, Skincare and Exercise.

1. Regular Exercise

There is no better time to start exercising than now that you are probably young and strong. For the middle aged and older ones, the right time is still NOW! My mother started exercising at the age of 55! She started by simply walking, then jogging and she's so happy about the results- reduced knee pains, loss of weight, less depression and confidence!

The importance of exercise cannot be stressed enough. No one is to young or too old to start exercising.

A minimum of 45 minutes of aerobic exercise, 3-4 times a week, will keep your heart young while improving your figure, mood and mental state.

2. Eating Right

Just like exercise, eating healthy is so important in today's world. It is believed that exercise makes for 20% while eating makes for 80%.

Eating more fruits and veggies definitely provides you with essential vitamins more than an actual vitamin tablet will.

Eat your vitamins through healthy, balanced foods and you will be well on your way to ageing gracefully.

3. STOP Smoking and Alcohol ASAP! 

Smoking not only dries out your skin, but also leads to various kinds of diseases and even death! Excessive drinking of alcohol could lead to all sorts of health issues with your organs. You will automatically take some years off your look when you cut out drinking and smoking.

4. Skincare is Highly Essential for both Men and Women.

 Its important to understand how your skin type works and get products that work for your skin type. Its also not about having so much money. When people complain about how expensive caring for the skin is, i simply advice them to check for products  they can afford and purchase the best product in that price range. Additionally, this blog has done all the homework for you, so keep visiting, lol...

5. Sleep! Sleep!! Sleep!!! Ensure you get enough sleep.

Other Issues
Some old people, over 70 years were interviewed and asked what their greatest regrets in life were. The 2 predominant issues were: 1. They wished they took more risks and 2. They truly regretted not keeping good friends and family closer.

When getting older, you will find that life becomes a lot lonelier. So a good recipe for ageing well is to keep really genuine friends and family closer for companionship much later in life...

The List goes on and on. However, if you make these pointers a lifestyle, you definitely will age gracefully. I wish you long life!



  1. Eating right and drinking loads of water is the best recipe for aging gracefully.... Well written piece... Good job!!! May God bless you with more knowledge to educate us..

  2. I enjoy your blog. Please my question is not about this post. I would likeito know how to correct dark knuckles on the hands pleaseeeeee, it has become embarrassing for me. I am dark skinned. Thanks a lot. Tosin

    1. hi tosin, sorry for the late reply. one thing you should understand is that naturally our knuckles are slightly darker than our hands really. however, some knuckles are really dark due to some factors like using lightening creams, and probably due to dryness. so i would recommend you buy a rich moisturising hand cream like clinique. Clinique hand lotion has some ingredients specifically targeted at reducing the appearance of dark knuckles. if u can't find clinique, try clarins hand treatment. thats one of my best! Alternatively, you can try using good old shea butter to moisturise your hands as many times as u can in a day. but if u can't stand the smell of raw shea butter, buy a good hand lotion with shea butter in it.
      your answer in a short shell is to invest in a rich moisturising hand lotion and stay away from skin lightening creams as they are the major contributing factor to uneven hand tone. hope this helps..xoxo

  3. Thanks a million for replying me. You made my day! Tosin